Hoc Certamen Pulcherrimum ☾

Vous êtes belles, mais vous êtes vides. On ne peut pas mourir pour vous.

Apr 23

I really need a holiday away from here.

Paris or Barcelona?
Anyone wanna come with?

Apr 22

I am in love.

Apr 20

Big boobies massage

My brothers dad just rang the house asking to talk to mum about a delicate matter.
Turns out he was going through his browser history and found things such as ‘big boobies massage’ and ‘weeing on girls boobies’ THEO HAS BEEN SEARCHING FOR PORN!

Apr 19

In honor of the two conflicting holidays


In honor of the two conflicting holidays

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Two day hangover.

Apr 18

Things to do before you turn 22

Have an emotional break down in a club

Not remember how you got home, who put you to bed, calling your ex boyfriend at least 10 times and not remember what you said to him

Know that you’re an awful human being when drunk because you’re currently quite unstable.

Stop drinking.

that glass of water looks really refreshing, definitely drink that!

oh wait, no, thats vodka lemonade…

I am still incredibly drunk

Apr 17

I am going to spend the day napping and watching ridiculous videos and then getting easy to go out like a real girl.

The two hardest things to say in life: are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.

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Apr 16

yesterday I saw a man that looked like Kenny Powers

I am so ill and full of scone

Every wednesday and saturday the guy who runs the bread stall at the market comes into my work and gives us all a load of free bread and cakes and pastry treats.

The size of his scones are ridiculous, Im halfway through and I can feel it piling up in my lungs.

I wish that I could smoke in my room

Calm down. You aren’t that important.

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